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Taunton Stabbing Spree Leads To Questions About The Psychiatric Health System

A stabbing rampage at a local mall last week confounded everyone because of its senselessness and sheer brutality. How could something like this happen? Then we learned the suspect, Arthur DaRosa, had actually sought help at Morton Hospital in Taunton for depression and psychotic delusions and was released early in the morning on the day of attack. His family spoke out, charging the health care system failed him.


One of the big questions is whether a system that requires a third party contractor do a mental health evaluation for a MassHealth patient actually contributed to DaRosa's untimely release. Now the state is investigating whether the hospital made any mistakes in the way they handled this case. 

Forensic Psychologist Robert Mendoza and President and CEO of Massachusetts Association For Mental Health, Danna Mauch, joined Adam on Monday night to discuss.


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